I cannot believe it. I started taking my writing seriously just 6 months ago and I have been published.  It’s no literary masterpiece but that’s okay.  It’s okay because it’s my first paid job and, who knows, it may be my one and only.  But more importantly, others are reading my story. Others that are not my friends but total strangers.  Men and women – young, old and somewhere in the middle – sitting in a cafe picking up a copy of GRAM Magazine, flicking to the page titled “Josie Bones” and perhaps stopping to read it. Then maybe becoming a little curious about the author and checking out my bio at the top of the page which, by the way, says…

Ros is an emerging freelance writer and blogger.  She is always in search of the perfect food experience because there is no excuse for mediocre. Ros is inspired by the people around her and she can often be seen exploring eating spots around town. A friend once exclaimed “Your phone is full of photos of food!” While Ros is not eating, she also likes to write about her travel adventures and the odd short story.

You can read more about me here.

GRAM Magazine September 2012

GRAM Magazine September 2012

I am on a steep learning curve on how to tweet and use facebook to my advantage.  And I am overwhelmed. Twitter with its @s, #s, trending topics, mentions – the list goes on. Facebook with its pages and groups.  Sometimes it gets confusing between me, the writer/blogger, and me, the person.  Naturally there is a lot of me in both but a little anonymity and detachment is still required.

I work at home – it really doesn’t make sense for me to work at the kitchen table. There is no separation of the everyday mundane of home and your brain. I have become very aware of the importance of work and life balance. In fact, more so by being at home most of the day. So we must make an effort not to blend our surroundings – separate it by a room if possible or at least a space reserved for you and you only.

GRAM Magazine - Josie Bones

GRAM Magazine – Josie Bones

I write a lot about food because it’s impossible not to.  It is EVERYWHERE around us. Needless to say, I love it. I love cooking it, eating it, writing about it and now I am trying to grow it. I am very excited as we now have an edible backyard. From our lounge room window, we can see 2 lemon trees, a cherry tree, a fig tree, an apple tree, a nectarine tree and a mandarin tree.  Technically, except for the lemon trees, they are just twigs at the moment.  I have to wait at least one year for my fruit. We also have olive trees and our 3 vegetable crates. I would love some chickens but I don’t think George, the dog, would. The front yard is our next edible project.

I also like to write about other things in my life so, on the occasion, you will see one of those on my blog. Random thoughts. Like this one.

Veggie patch - lettuce waiting to grow

Veggie patch – lettuce waiting to grow

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4 Responses to Published

  1. Kate Gabb says:

    Way to go Ros, still haven’t found a mag in th flesh but it looks fantastic, great photos by the way Cheers

    Kate Gabb

  2. Congrats Ros! Super exciting! 🙂 I’m on a similar journey to the edible garden, just a bit behind you at this stage but learning lots in preparation! Need to finish the bunk bed first, then I can get stuck into the garden!

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