Me And My Food

Today I am going to write about me.  About me and my food. For the last few weeks, I have become passionate, even obsessed, about using as much produce as I can from my garden.  At the moment, it’s been lettuces, rocket and spinach. But soon I hope there will be tomatoes and cucumber to add. Then after that, maybe some scarlet runner beans. Oh, and potatoes. I hope so anyway. The potatoes came hand picked from a farm. We couldn’t finish them all so I just left them to sprout in a bag in a dark place. Then I buried some in the soil.  We went away on holidays to Vietnam and when we got back, all these wonderful bright green leaves had sprung up. Just like that!  But I am a little wary.  We tried growing potatoes last year and all we ended up with were four measly looking roundish things no larger than a 10 cent piece.  We did leave them in the ground for a long time so maybe the worms or something got to them.  We were waiting for the leaves to totally die off and that never happened.  I did some research and I think you can harvest when the leaves are starting to die off, not when they are totally dead which will probably never happen. So I think maybe in a couple of weeks, we can have a go at harvesting.  It will be a family affair – I might even film it.

Veggie patch out the front

Veggie patch out the front. Chilli plant, lemongrass, rocket and silverbeet

Growing your own requires the patience of a saint, especially if you are trying to grow from seed. And I have also found out that they require care and lots of it. You do have to check them every day.  You most likely have to water them every day. Not everything has been grown from seed but my black Russian tomatoes seem to be taking forever. I mean weeks and weeks. Patience I say.

Veggie patches out the back

Veggie patches out the back – Recycled apple crates. Cucumber on the far left, lettuces in the middle, potatoes on the far right

Oddly, every time I leave the house, without hesitation, I will check on the veggies first. And every time, without fail, I applaud myself with a little smile. And the same happens when I get home. Before I open the front door, I stop to have a glance at the veggies. I might even linger a little longer and wonder if they need a little water or inspect one to see what bug is attacking it now. Then after I have put my things down on the dining table, I will venture out to the backyard and repeat the process. And Dean does exactly the same thing!

There are days when I get so inspired, I want to cook something great.

But then there are other days where it is just too hard. And please don’t tell me about Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals. If I had Jamie’s elves and fast knife skills, I may have a chance. Ha! Still, I love Jamie as he really gets stuck into it.  Because of him, I even use my hands now to toss a salad and that is pretty amazing for a clean freak like me!

Papaya salad

Papaya salad – first time I made this. I even “youtubed” how to chop up the papaya. Ingenious. And delicious.

As I work from home, I am naturally assigned the role of deciding what’s cooking for dinner. Actually, that’s not quite right. I also assumed that role even when I wasn’t working from home. It’s not that Dean doesn’t want to do it but during the week, it’s probably the last thing in his head whereas for me it’s often the first thing! And, it’s always in Harvey’s head. “What’s for dinner, mum?” he inquires before the day has even started. That’s not to say that Dean isn’t a great cook. He is. And so creative. Top marks for presentation always. I must write about Dean and his food soon.

BBQ Chicken thigh fillets

BBQ Chicken thigh fillets marinated in honey, soy, salt and pepper. A staple of ours. So easy and so delicious.

I toss around the idea of meal planning but that seems so organised.  Because what if during one of those days, I just decide to do a “Ready, Steady, Cook?” Ok, to be honest, that hardly ever happens but it still hasn’t motivated me to meal plan.

I have made some absolutely amazing things but I have also made some very mediocre things. Never totally inedible but close.  And of course, there have been accidents. Like the time I nearly sliced off my finger when cutting an avocado; or the time where I took a lemon meringue pie out of the oven too early and it spilt everywhere; or the time where I thought to myself “oh that pan is not hot, I can touch it” and, to my surprise, burn my fingers. The last one seems to happen quite a bit.

And tonight, what am I cooking? Well, it’s Friday and I think I will have a break. I have cooked all week (lettuce just about every night) so it’s going to be Thai home delivery. Green chicken curry and roti. Harvey is having a friend over so it’s fish and chips for them.

As for tomorrow, not sure yet. It might involve some more lettuce though.

Lettuce and cannelloni

Lettuce and parmesan salad; rocket and parmesan salad; spinach, rocket and ricotta cannelloni. All green ingredients from the garden.

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2 Responses to Me And My Food

  1. explodyfull says:

    I hope your potatoes come out well! I have a friend who planted a mango seed next to their drive way and years later they had a mango tree that grows a lot of mangoes these days!

    I am the opposite of you when it comes to deciding what to make for dinner, even when I am at home I like to call Mat and ask him if he has any urges.

    • rosblogger says:

      I would love a mango tree but don’t think we have the right climate. Avocado tree would be great too. We have fruit trees now but probably have to wait a couple of years for fruit.

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