I Want One Of Those

The other day I had to pick son Harvey up at hubby Dean’s cricket game. Sport can take you to places, far and wide. So using Richard (which Harvey has aptly named my GPS), I successfully navigated myself to this obscure location I had never been to before. And good wife that I was, in 40 degree heat, I stayed to watch Dean get his 50 runs (I now know what that means).

So it got me to thinking, what would I have done without Richard? Well, firstly, I would have had to google the location to give myself a hint of the direction I had to travel in. I would then, probably with some trouble, try and print it on one page. But of course, that wouldn’t have been detailed enough so I would also have to consult the Melways (the hard copy street map for Melbournians). Instead of the entire trip being displayed on one page, I would have to flick between pages, maybe 2, 3 or 4. In the meantime, I would not be confident enough to remember whether I had to turn left or right into Smith or Turner Street and how many streets down that would be. So I would have to stop, several times, to reassure myself that I was actually travelling in the right direction, let alone turning at the right streets. And finally, maybe getting a little lost a couple of times, I would arrive at my destination. A little hot and bothered but relieved.

Melways - Melbourne street directory

Melways – Melbourne street directory

So has Richard become my necessary luxury? Well, Richard definitely causes me a lot less stress than the Melways and Google. And he is also a very good timesaver. I hardly ever have to stop when Richard guides me. Apart from that, Richard has a lovely soothing voice. He never gets mad or impatient even when I have not listened to him and made the wrong turn (unlike Dean). And Richard does not leave dirty undies and socks on the floor; he does not burp and he does not fart (unlike Dean as well).

However, he does repeat himself a bit sometimes, for instance relentlessly requesting that I make a u-turn whenever possible. So that becomes slightly annoying because one is not supposed to fiddle with the GPS whilst one is driving. It usually takes two or three taps of the screen to get to the bit where it says “cancel route” and by that time, I may have gone off track!

So what does Richard have to do with food? Nothing really apart from the fact he can guide me to the nearest restaurant without getting lost. Richard is just another one of my random thoughts.

I did go back to Il Pizzaiolo last week. I did not have to use Richard but he was still there just in case – so reliable he is as well. Dean is overseas at the moment and Harvey and I went on a date night. Me, my 8 year old and no iPad. Il Pizzaiolo is one of the places you can comfortably dine in on your own with your child. They made us feel very welcome in fact. It’s also a “I Want One Of Those” luxuries as their pizzas are nowhere near as cheap as the local pizza joint. Here’s a blog rehash on Frank’s pizzas – Closed Wednesdays.

Il Pizzaiolo

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1 Response to I Want One Of Those

  1. Liz says:

    My GPS’s voice is super annoying plus she also has a habit of directing me the wrong way down one way street. Clearly Richard is the superior model.

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