Instant Satisfaction

Anyone who has grown vegetables or any green things knows that there is really no such thing as instant satisfaction. If you grow from seed, satisfaction is even further away.

But there are some things that you do in the garden that simply make you feel good, immediately. We are lucky enough to have enough space for a nice patch of grass. If it were up to me, I would convert it all into veggie patches but with an incredibly active sports mad 8 year old, that would be a huge mistake. Last year before we had our garden landscaped, I outsourced the mowing. Smack bang in the middle of the yard was this annoying large mound and it was the first thing you could see through the windows when you walk into the living area.  Finally after nearly 3 years of putting up with it, we decided it was time to do something about it. In fact, the whole backyard needed gutting. I didn’t see any point having a garden anymore from which we could not grow things to eat from. Disappointingly (or not!), no bones or dead bodies were dug up. It was just a big pile of dirt!

The ugly shed in the back corner and the dying almond tree

The ugly shed in the back corner and the dying almond tree

So now we have this flat and cushy backyard (I have honestly never seen backyard grass as lusciously green as ours), I decided there was no further need to outsource the mowing. They never do it right anyway; I mean how many times do have to tell these guys “not so low, pleeaaase.” Besides it’s good exercise and I need to get away from my desk. So I learnt how to fill the mower with petrol and even perfected pulling the cord to start it. Not the easiest thing to do. I am out there, even when it’s over 30 degrees and humid. Why? Because of instant satisfaction. One second after you start mowing, you see results. I cannot tell you how good that feels. And when it’s all done and you look back at your work, exhausted with sweat, it just feels fantastic. Okay, it’s not a perfect job. After all, I still cannot start the whipper snipper so the edges remain untidy until Dean takes over. That is my next lesson. It’s the same technique as the mower but it’s harder to pull and takes much more effort. Think I need to practice and grow some muscles! And I don’t exactly mow in a straight line but after a couple of days, it’s no longer noticeable.

Rough edges

Husband away so edges not done. How green is the grass though?!

There are few other instant satisfaction garden activities I think. Such as pruning, harvesting and eating what you have grown (try eating a ripe tomato you have just picked off the vine). Can anyone think of anymore?

Instant satisfaction - Beetroot and chilli harvest

Instant satisfaction – Beetroot and chilli harvest

Orange, apple and nectarine trees in this photo. Also have cherry, lemon, mandarin and olive.

Orange, apple and nectarine trees in this photo. Also have cherry, lemon, mandarin and olive.

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1 Response to Instant Satisfaction

  1. My lawn matches your lawn. My hubby spends hours tending to it. We are hoping this year to plant more eatable things too – we have a large garden and slowly working on it – its been 3 years here and slowly and surely something is happening.

    Thanks for linking up

    Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team Member

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