Bluesfest Blues


I am having withdrawal symptoms, the Bluesfest kind.

5 days of sunshine, 2100 minutes of music, 29 acts.

1054 workers and 500 volunteers
107 acts performed for 13,350 minutes (which means I only caught 27% of acts and 15.7% of the music)

Could there have been a better high?

Obviously not, as I am still coming down from it.

I want more! I miss the music. I miss the weather. I miss the organic doughnuts, the noodles and the fish tacos. I miss the people that I hung around with and the new people that I met!

I was at gagging stage with portaloos by Day 5 but that won’t keep me from going again. I now understand why people turn up year after year for their fix.

Yes, we were lucky there wasn’t a drop of rain and I never needed the wellies I ordered at the last minute. Didn’t stop me from wearing them on the first day just because I could.

I don’t know how much I walked but next time I will bring a pedometer. I am sure it would have been at least 7kms a day from the car and back and around the festival itself.

I danced until my feet and knees ached but all that moving around must have saved my back.

I loved the fact there were babies and toddlers (some of them in extraordinarily ingenious contraptions made by parents to cart them around in), children of all ages, young and old adults. All there for just one thing – the music.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what it is all about?

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