About Me And About This Blog

Hi. My name is Ros. I am passionate about food and passionate about writing. I write a lot about food but occasionally, I will add in a random thought or two.

I would love feedback, good or bad. Not only is this blog about the experience of food BUT also and more so, it’s about me being a writer.

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Please note all the opinions are mine only and any references to restaurants, menus and the like are relevant at the time of writing.

Ten things about me

I am inspired by my husband

I don’t know how I ever lived without my beautiful son (he came into my world at just the right time)

My mother is Chinese, my father is Dutch – best of both worlds

I wish I could take a year or two off with my husband and son and travel around the world

We come from Sydney but moved to Melbourne in 2007

Some of the greatest years of my life are the four years I spent in London sharing a house with amazing people and doing amazing things

Melbourne reminds me of Europe – it’s our compromise of not living there

I wish I like exercise more. I need an excuse to eat more cheese

If my father was still alive, I would want him to answer so many questions about his past

I like writing in the front room of my house; so many people walk past during the day not knowing I can see them from the window

Note: The header image are tomatoes from my garden.
rosblogger Melbourne restaurants

4 Responses to About Me And About This Blog

  1. Maria R says:

    how exciting, interesting and tantalizing !!
    my first blog experience ….. I’m a bit peck ish
    You’ve really started something
    Looking forward to the next BLOG !!!!
    Maria R

  2. Leonie says:

    Hi Ros,
    Thanks for a great read, it’s made me want to cook up a gourmet storm!
    I’m definitely going to try the Coburg restaurant.
    Looking forward to the next instalment……

  3. Piccola Ying says:

    Hi Ros,
    Love your writing style and your blog. Thanks for saying good things about Il Pizzaiolo. It was a pleasure to have you dine with us. Looking forward to seeing you again in the pizzeria (I was the waitress who served you and your family) and to your food reviews.

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