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A Sea Of Green

It has been a month since my last post.  This is going to be an iPhone picture post to show you how my veggies have been progressing.  We cannot keep up with the lettuce supply but nothing else is in … Continue reading

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The Experimental Summer

It’s been 199 days or 6 months 16 days since my last blog post. I admit I got a bit bored with it. After all, I had proved that I can blog and I can have followers. There must be … Continue reading

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Bluesfest Blues

I am having withdrawal symptoms, the Bluesfest kind. 5 days of sunshine, 2100 minutes of music, 29 acts. 1054 workers and 500 volunteers 107 acts performed for 13,350 minutes (which means I only caught 27% of acts and 15.7% of … Continue reading

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Summer Harvest – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

My aim for this summer was to see if we could live off what I grew in the garden only buying what we didn’t grow. Some good, some bad and some decidedly ugly. The Good Tomatoes I cannot remember the … Continue reading

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Fear Of The Pantry

I suffer from Pantry Phobia. The fear of opening those pantry doors and discovering what is behind them. Nutritional information. That is a contradiction in terms, isn’t it? When you say something is nutritious, it usually means it is good … Continue reading

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Growing Veggies, My Favourite Resources

There really is such a thing as “too much info.” You can spend hours surfing the net looking for one piece of information. It’s quite astounding how so many people can write about the same thing. And there is a … Continue reading

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Growing Veggies, Lessons Learnt

Two years ago, we bought our first three vegetable crates. A year later, we had a further two inbuilt patches in our front yard. In addition, we have various fruit and olive trees. We actually have a reasonably big garden … Continue reading

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“Why Did I Ever Think It Was So Hard” Lasagne

It’s only fairly recently that I realised that lasagne really wasn’t a difficult dish to make. Or better still my cooking skills and interests have evolved. The first time I made it (in my early 20s when cooking was something … Continue reading

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More Meatballs

Cast your mind back to my previous could-it-be-the-best-ever meatballs recipe. Well, this one is easier. Instant meatballs using good quality sausage meat. Another great meatball and pasta recipe.

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Interview With A Smoker (The BBQ Kind That Is)

Inspired by Patrons of the Pit, hubby Dean recently decided he was going to become a master smoker of the BBQ pit as well. His enthusiasm was catching and the next thing I knew, I was on eBay scouring the … Continue reading

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