Beef Ribs – 20 Hour

Pulled beef ribs with a side of slaw

Pulled beef ribs with a side of slaw

(As the whole process takes 22 hours, you will have to time it appropriately as to whether you want lunch or dinner – the following is timing for lunch. This recipe is also a fluke for us so make sure you check the meat occasionally as yours may not take as long…. These ribs were an experiment)

Ingredients for ribs:

  • A slab of beef short ribs (ours was around 3 kilos)
  • A homemade rub (general rule is 1/3 sugar, 1/3 salt, 1/3 spices such as garlic powder, chilli powder, paprika, fennel, whatever you want really..)
  • 3 medium (organic) onions
  • 2 large (organic) carrots
  • 1 can of beer

Ingredients for slaw:

  • (Organic) red cabbage shredded finely
  • (Organic) carrots shredded finely
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp white vinegar
  • 2 tbsp capers (we didn’t have capers so used a couple of green (pitted) olives instead)
  • 1/3 cup oil (we used olive)


  • Sourdough (rolls preferably)

Let the ribs sit at room temperature for an hour

Preheat oven to 125c

Sprinkle the meat generously with the rub

Slice up the onions and place them in a large baking dish

Place the whole carrots on the top of the onions

Place the ribs on top the carrots

Pour the can of beer in the dish (not on top of the meat)

Beef ribs ready to go in frothy beer!

Beef ribs ready to go in frothy beer!

Get two or more large pieces of foil – fold them together to make a larger piece

Place the foil on the top of the meat like a tent

Cook it for 8 hours (2pm – 10pm)

Turn oven down to 55c

Cook a further 12 hours (and go to bed if overnight)

Remove the ribs from the oven (10am the next day)

Wrap the ribs in foil

Wrap the onions and carrot in foil. Slow cooking means they should still be intact

Pour the liquid into a bowl and place in fridge (it’s not hot so no need to let cool). We probably had around 2 litres of liquid.

Leave it for 2 hours

Open up the foil and literally pull the meat off the bones.

(Do not discard bones. We use them to make a beef stock for soup the next day)

20 hour beef ribs finally done

20 hour beef ribs finally done

Take the liquid out of the fridge and with a spoon or spatula remove all the fat that has gone hard on the top

Pour the liquid into a saucepan, place enough meat in it so that it is still a lot of liquid left. (We didn’t use all the meat)

Add in some of the onions

(You can chop up the carrots and add them in. We didn’t, as used them and the rest of the onions for soup we made the next day).

Heat till hot and let simmer for 10 or so minutes. Add salt and pepper as necessary.

For the slaw:

In a blender, combine the egg, capers (or olives) and vinegar. Slowly blend in the oil to form a mayo consistency.

Combine with the cabbage and carrot.

To serve (the above fed 3 of us):

Slice the rolls in half.

Place a half in a deep dish.

Spoon the meat over the bread.

Pour in some of the liquid.

Serve with a side dish of slaw.


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