Growing Veggies, My Favourite Resources

There really is such a thing as “too much info.”

You can spend hours surfing the net looking for one piece of information. It’s quite astounding how so many people can write about the same thing. And there is a forum on everything! And that is just in English!

But if you have all those hours to do all that surfing, it means you are not spending enough time outside in your garden!

So pick a few main ones that you like and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. I really do find that is the easiest way to keep up with what’s happening, how and when to grow things and what they are posting on their websites. If you don’t use social media, a good site should always have a newsletter or newsfeed so you can receive emails.

Pick websites that are easy to follow, read and navigate. Good photos are always a bonus as well as instructional videos.

Obviously as I live in Melbourne, my resources are mainly Australian based.

Here are some of my personal favourites. If anyone wants to share any of theirs (esp non Melbourne/Australia based), please do so in the comments field.


Suburban Tomato (Blog)

Liz just happens to live in Melbourne not too far from me so a great reference source for me. It’s very comprehensive and she includes many other blogs and websites from her site. Liz does everything from growing to cooking her own produce from her 12 sq metres of garden. She is truly passionate.


Ceres is a not-for-profit garden, nursery, organic shop and market, training and education centre. I volunteered here last year in the market garden and learnt so much about growing veggies. They also host a lot of sustainability and foodie events.


Little Veggie Patch

Little Veggie Patch is a company started by two guys who inspire people how to grow veggies in small to medium spaces. Husband Dean stumbled across this website when he was looking for our veggie patches/crates. Their shop is fantastic and they also have a pop-up patch in Federation Square car park (Melbourne) where anyone can visit. Mainly it’s city folk and restauranteurs who rent a crate so they can grow their veggies. This place a great inspiration for ideas on what to grow and how to grow it. Amazing how much you can fit into a small space. Their educational videos are lots of fun too!

Diggers Club

Great quarterly magazine with free seeds twice a year! They have gardens at Heronswood and Mt Erth. I can vouch that Heronswood is worth the visit for their buildings, gardens and of course shop.


The Micro Gardener

Lots of tips on how to grow in small spaces and containers. And also lots of DIY projects, most (if not all) using recycled products.

SGA – Sustainable Gardening Australia

Sustainable Suburbia

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