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Growing Veggies, Lessons Learnt

Two years ago, we bought our first three vegetable crates. A year later, we had a further two inbuilt patches in our front yard. In addition, we have various fruit and olive trees. We actually have a reasonably big garden … Continue reading

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Tweet Tweet

So two blog posts later, I am already eating my words about writing less foodie reviews. Well, if a place is good, it’s a shame to not say so really. The Woodlands Hotel in Coburg is one of these places. … Continue reading

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Coffee Is An Art Part II

My coffee obsession is well, still an obsession. Forever searching for that perfect art. So thanks to my friends and strangers for sending in your contributions. After our Vietnam trip, I am adding Vietnamese iced coffee to the list. mmm.yum. … Continue reading

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Dear Followers…

Thank you so much for liking my posts and following me. It’s really because of you that I keep writing and getting inspired and that’s no lie. It’s pretty cool to know that there are readers from so many parts … Continue reading

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Vietnam By Food

It’s only 8 am in the morning. The humidity is already sucking the energy out of us, beads of sweat are forming on our faces and bodies but we still sit there and eat our Pho. Dean braves chilli.  There … Continue reading

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Closed Wednesdays

Wednesday night around three weeks after Il Pizzaiolo opens, we already have to book a table. This place is small but so inviting and comfortable. I dread the day that we will have to book two weeks in advance just … Continue reading

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Hong Kong By Food

Like so many other cultures, life revolves around eating and eating revolves around life. Chinese food is so diverse and the same thing can be cooked in so many different ways and look, taste and even smell so different. Having … Continue reading

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